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A Splash of Color in the Kitchen

Cornishware isn't just about striped kitchenware, it's a vibrant symbol of British culinary heritage. Introduced in the 1920s by T.G. Green & Co, this instantly recognizable striped pottery has become a beloved staple in kitchens around the world.

Cornishware's iconic design features bold stripes in various color combinations, often paired with contrasting rims and lids. Originally manufactured in Church Gresley, Derbyshire, England, these stoneware pieces were renowned for their durability. The dense, high-fired clay ensured they could withstand the rigors of everyday use, making them a favorite among both home cooks and professional kitchens.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition

Initially produced as a budget-friendly alternative to fancier dinnerware, Cornishware quickly gained popularity for its practicality and cheerful aesthetic. The simple, geometric designs and vibrant colors brought a touch of personality and charm to kitchens. Its popularity soared throughout the 1930s and 40s, becoming a mainstay in British households. Cornishware's success extended beyond its home country, finding a loyal following across the globe, particularly in Australia and New Zealand.

Production of Cornishware ceased in 2007 with the closure of the original factory. However, due to its enduring popularity, the brand was revived in 2009 by a trio of British investors. The new ownership ensured the continuation of the original manufacturing techniques and iconic designs, while also introducing new and exciting color combinations to cater to modern tastes.

A Versatile Kitchen Companion

Cornishware's beauty extends beyond its cheerful exterior. The dense stoneware construction ensures even heat distribution and exceptional heat retention, making it perfect for baking, serving hot dishes, and even storing food in the refrigerator. The glazed surface is easy to clean and resistant to chipping and cracking, further adding to its functionality.

Today, Cornishware remains a beloved kitchen essential. Its timeless design transcends trends, adding a touch of retro charm to contemporary kitchens. Whether used for everyday meals or special occasions, Cornishware injects a burst of color and a connection to culinary history. So, next time you're looking for a touch of personality and practicality in your kitchen, consider adding a piece (or a set!) of this iconic striped pottery.


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