Lavender Belle

Hand-crafted luxury grown right here in Cambridge

The Waikato River provides fertile soil for our sanctuary of lavender bushes, lovingly tended to produce high-quality lavender oils for your kitchen and body.

Lavender has been used and cherished for centuries – the Ancient Romans and Egyptians were among the first to use lavender for bathing, cooking, and as a perfume. These practices paved the way for our modern love of lavender across cultures and around the world.

These days, lavender flourishes in New Zealand and makes an excellent relaxing scent for pampering yourself, or a floral infusion to add layers to your cooking.

Lavender Belle is naturally grown for high-quality luxury

We grow Angusifolia Pacific Blue, Super, and Grosso varieties of lavender, as well as a display garden of Violet Intrigue which blossoms in early summer into a magnificent blanket of rich purple.

In January, we harvest the lavender by hand and distill it into pure lavender essential oil, which is then combined with various other natural and organic ingredients to make our unique body-care products.

We’re proud of the high standard we hold for our products – winning a Gold Award for our first harvest of Grosso Lavender Oil, and a Silver Award for our Super Lavender Oil the same year ( NZLGA Supreme Oil Awards, 2018).

NZ Lavender Growers Assn - Supreme Oil Awards Gold - 2019
NZ Lavender Growers Assn - Supreme Oil Awards Silver 2019

Our range of products is constantly growing and evolving to include more scents, herbal touches, and therapeutic ingredients. Some of our latest creations include:

●  Lavender castile hand wash
●  Lavender soap with chamomile
●  Lavender & activated charcoal swirl soap
●  Lavender & dried hibiscus flower soap
●  Lavender & calendula balm, great for dry or cracked skin

Lavender Belle’s classic range includes:

Lavender Essential Oil

Our versatile homemade lavender essential oil is available in 10ml bottles, to use as you like throughout your bathroom, living areas, bedroom and kitchen. Contains only natural, pure lavender essence.

Lotion Bar

This compact little bar is great for travelling with or having at work to keep your hands and body moisturised and smelling delicious. Made from natural ingredients including shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax with a sprinkle of lavender rubbings.

Soap Bar

These lavender soap bars are a must for a sweet-smelling bathroom, and leave your hands cleansed and moisturised. Made from natural ingredients including lavender oil, frankincense, cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and a hint of jasmine.

Add fragrance to your cooking with oils

Lavender oil adds a fragrant touch to home baking, savoury meat dishes, and floral cocktails for a unique treat your family will love. Ask in store for tips on using lavender in your cooking!


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