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White Magic Cup & Mug Cleaner

White Magic


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Your Secret Weapon Against Stubborn Stains


Tired of battling stubborn tea and coffee stains in your favorite mugs? Look no further than the White Magic Cup & Mug Cleaner! This innovative tool tackles stains with ease, leaving your cups and mugs sparkling clean.

Safe and Effective Cleaning:

  • Ditch the harsh chemicals! This cleaner harnesses the power of water to effectively remove stains, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice for your mugs and the environment.

Effortless Cleaning with a Reach:

  • The comfortable 20cm handle provides a secure grip and allows you to effortlessly reach the bottom of even deep mugs and travel cups, ensuring a thorough clean without any struggle.

Long-Lasting Performance:

  • With four refill heads included, this cleaner is built to last. The replaceable heads ensure optimal cleaning for an extended period, saving you money and keeping your mugs spotless.

Versatile Cleaning Power:

  • This mug cleaner is a true multi-tasker. It effectively tackles stains on various cup and mug materials, including ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stainless steel. Use it on both the inside and outside of your mugs for a complete clean.

Simple to Use and Maintain:

  • Using the White Magic Cup & Mug Cleaner is a breeze! Simply wet the refill head, gently scrub the stained areas, and watch the stains vanish. Rinse the cleaner after use for easy maintenance.

Safe for You and Your Family:

  • This cleaner prioritizes safety and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. It's a healthier option for you and your loved ones, giving you peace of mind while you clean.

Upgrade Your Mug Cleaning Experience:

  • Invest in the White Magic Cup & Mug Cleaner and enjoy the convenience and cost-effectiveness it offers. The four included refill heads ensure long-lasting use, while the easy cleaning process saves you time and effort.

Maintain the Beauty of Your Mugs:

  • By effectively removing stains, this cleaner helps preserve the original beauty of your mugs. Enjoy your favorite beverages in pristine cups, free from unsightly marks.

For a stain-free and enjoyable beverage experience, choose the White Magic Cup & Mug Cleaner!


  • Handle: 20 cm
  • Sponge: 4.5 x 3.5 cm
SKU: wm-cmc TAG: Eco-friendly

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