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Dreamfarm Garject Garlic Press



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Effortless Garlic Infusion, Mess-Free Cleanup


Love the flavor of garlic but hate the hassle of peeling and chopping? Look no further than the Dreamfarm Garject Garlic Press! This innovative kitchen tool makes garlic prep quick, easy, and mess-free.

Unpeeled Garlic, Unleashed Flavor:

  • Press Unpeeled Garlic: Unlike traditional presses, the Garject eliminates the tedious task of peeling garlic cloves. Simply toss them in and press – the Garject handles the rest!
  • Powerful and Efficient: This press easily crushes multiple cloves at once, ensuring maximum flavor infusion in your dishes.

Clean Hands, Happy Kitchen:

  • Self-Cleaning Scraper: A built-in spring-loaded scraper automatically removes garlic from the press as you open it, preventing leftover bits and ensuring every last morsel ends up in your meal.
  • Peel Eject Button: The Garject boasts a convenient "peel eject" button that shoots garlic peels directly into the bin, keeping your hands and countertop clean.
  • Easy Cleanup: Simply rinse the Garject under water for a quick and effortless cleaning experience.

Key Features:

  • Presses Unpeeled Garlic Cloves for Maximum Efficiency and Flavor
  • Powerful Design Handles Multiple Cloves at Once
  • Self-Cleaning Scraper Ensures No Garlic Waste
  • Peel Eject Button for Mess-Free Disposal
  • Easy to Clean Under Running Water
  • Saves Time and Effort During Food Preparation

The Dreamfarm Garject Garlic Press is a must-have for any garlic enthusiast.

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