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Le Creuset Stoneware Mugs - 350ml

Le Creuset


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A Larger Sip of Elegance for Your Day


Indulge in a generous cup of your favourite beverage with the Le Creuset Stoneware Mug. This expertly crafted mug isn't just about size; it's about savoring every sip with a touch of timeless design and superior performance.

Designed for a Satisfying Experience:

  • Ample Capacity: With a generous 350ml capacity, this mug is perfect for those who enjoy a larger cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. It allows you to savour your favourite beverage without worrying about constant refills.

Crafted for Quality and Performance:

  • Artisan Made: Le Creuset Stoneware Mugs are crafted by skilled artisans using specialist clays and vibrant glazes. This meticulous process results in a mug that is not only beautiful but also exceptionally strong and durable.
  • Exceptional Heat Retention: The stoneware construction ensures excellent heat retention, keeping your beverage warm and enjoyable for longer. No more rushing to finish your drink before it gets cold!
  • Scratch Resistant and Easy Care: The glazed finish is both beautiful and practical. It's resistant to scratches and easy to clean, making this mug perfect for everyday use.

A Touch of Le Creuset Flair:

  • Vibrant Colour Options: Le Creuset Stoneware Mugs come in a wide array of stunning colours to match your personality and kitchen décor. Choose your favourite shade or collect a few to create a vibrant set!
  • Modern and Iconic Design: Featuring the signature Le Creuset three-ring design, this mug seamlessly integrates with other Le Creuset pieces in your collection. It's a modern take on a timeless design.

Elevate your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate routine with the Le Creuset Stoneware Mug. This generously sized mug is crafted for comfort, performance, and style, making every sip a delightful experience.

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