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Vacu Vin Winged Corkscrew

Vacu Vin


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The Vacu Vin Winged Corkscrew is our take on a classic wine accessory. The After removing the foil from your bottle, place the corkscrew on top of the wine bottle. While holding the corkscrew with a firm grip, twist the wired corkscrew into the cork. Keep in mind to let the arms move upward as your twist the handle. Once the arms are fully upright, gently press down to extract the cork from the bottle.

The Winged Corkscrew’s wired corkscrew easily drives into any synthetic or natural cork, irrespective of length, and extracts them effortlessly.

Its sleek and ergonomic design make the Winged Corkscrew a household staple to open all corked wine bottles.

SKU: VV68423606

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